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A newly developed tool, ACT (Annotation of Cell Types), makes cell type annotation easier by integrating the CellMarker resource.

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Neuron (224)
Astrocyte (166)
Oligodendrocyte (152)
other 12 cells
Epithelial cell (1302)
Ciliated cell (311)
Ionocyte cell (308)
other 20 cells
Cardiomyocyte (28)
Progenitor cell (17)
Smooth muscle cell (8)
other 3 cells
T cell (803)
Embryonic cell (207)
Endothelial cell (81)
other 20 cells
Stem cell (57)
Fat cell (adipocyte) (32)
Stromal cell (27)
other 9 cells
Dendritic cell (1023)
Progenitor cell (815)
T cell (317)
other 29 cells
Cancer stem cell (20)
Germ cell (17)
Endothelial cell (14)
other 8 cells
Stem cell (34)
Dendritic cell (20)
T cell (11)
other 10 cells
Stem cell (28)
Endothelial cell (20)
Mesenchymal cell (4)
other 8 cell
Epithelial cell (7)
Stem cell (5)
T cell (4)
other 3 cells
Epithelial cell (32)
Cancer stem cell (29)
Progenitor cell (10)
other 3 cells
Cancer stem cell (15)
Stem cell (2)
Endocrine cell (1)
other 9 cells
Beta cell (120)
Alpha cell (113)
Acinar cell (101)
other 12 cells
T cell (4890)
Monocyte (835)
B cell (759)
other 16 cells
Stem cell (14)
Germ cell (11)
Sertoli cell (8)
other 3 cells
Myeloid cell (78)
Stem cell (70)
Dendritic cell (38)
other 17 cells
Human Mouse
Introduction for CellMarker
One of the most fundamental questions in biology is which types of cells form different tissues and organs in a functionally coordinated fashion. Larger-scale single cell sequencing and biology experiment studies are now rapidly opening up new ways to track this question by revealing substantial cell markers for distinguishing different cell types in tissues. Here, we developed the CellMarker databases, aiming to provide a comprehensive and accurate resource of cell markers for various cell types in tissues of human and mouse.
Overview for CellMarker
By manually curating over 100,000 published papers, 4,124 entries including the cell marker information, tissue type, cell type, cancer information and source, were recorded. At last, 13,605 cell markers of 467cell types in 158 human tissues/sub-tissues and 9,148 cell makers of 389 cell types in 81 mouse tissues/sub-tissues were collected and deposited in CellMarker. CellMarker provides a user-friendly interface for browsing, searching and downloading markers of diverse cell types of different tissues. Furthermore, a summarized marker prevalence in each cell type is graphically and intuitively presented through a vivid statistical graph.
What can users do in CellMarker
Browse cell markers in different cells of different tissues in human and mouse
Retrieve cell markers of particular cell types in any tissues of interest in human and mouse
Obtain prevalence of cell markers in each cell type through a vivid statistical graph
Submit data to CellMarker
Download cell markers of diverse cell types of different tissues in human and mouse
If you use CellMarker in your work, please cite our publication:
CellMarker: a manually curated resource of cell markers in human and mouse. Nucleic Acids Research. 2018.
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  • Nov. 03, 2018


    Some cell types and tissue types were matched to the Cell Ontology and Uberon multi-species anatomy ontology, respectively.